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National fire insulation policy brings spring to aerated concrete equipment

Date:2012-04-04   Visits:1274

In recent years, Nanjing Central International Plaza, Harbin 360 degrees twin building, Jinan Olympic Sports Center, Beijing CCTV new site affiliated cultural center, Shanghai Jiaozhou teachers' apartment, Shenyang Dynasty Wanxin Building, etc. have been building external insulation material fire, causing serious casualties and property damage, building flammable combustible external insulation material has become a new class of fire hazards, the resulting fire has been a multiplier momentum . The relevant state departments have given high attention to the relevant restrictions and issued one after another. State departments in 2009 issued the "civil building exterior insulation system and exterior wall decoration fire temporary provisions" (public word [2009] No. 46) on the basis of strengthening the second of the provisions, "civil building exterior insulation materials using combustion properties of A-class materials" (see annex for specific policy documents). This means that the exterior walls and exterior wall insulation system will be prohibited polyurethane, polystyrene products on the wall. This is good news for the aerated concrete equipment industry, because the external insulation industry will face another reshuffle, aerated concrete industry means huge business opportunities.

It is expected that by the end of 2020, the combined market space for building energy renovation and new building insulation and energy saving will amount to about 5 trillion yuan. At present, China has more than 42 billion square meters of existing buildings, at least 1/3 of the need for insulation and energy-saving renovation, energy-saving renovation costs up to 2.8 trillion yuan. In addition, the annual urban and rural new building completion area of about 2 billion square meters, the cost of new building insulation and energy saving according to 100 ~ 150 yuan / square meter calculation, the annual cost of new building energy saving about 200 ~ 300 billion yuan. By the end of 2020, the national housing construction area will add nearly 20 billion square meters, new building energy-saving cost of about 2 trillion - 3 trillion yuan, building energy-saving renovation and new building insulation energy-saving market space of about 5 trillion yuan.

Now the national building energy-saving policy requires all new construction or renovation projects must have insulation, so the aerated concrete market is very huge. At the same time, now the building insulation must also solve the problem of fire prevention, insulation industry will face a reshuffle, if we can seize the opportunity, aerated concrete equipment industry will get a good investment in the first effect.

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