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Aerated concrete equipment blue base competition has been focusing on after-sales service

Date:2012-04-04   Visits:1273

Just in the past 2011, by the real estate regulation, the aerated concrete equipment industry showed a decline in sales, but sales rose. The industry believes that the reason for this is that the sales of high-end products have increased. And with the high-end product market firm, many companies have threatened to enter the aerated concrete equipment market, the trend of high-end industry is increasingly obvious. However, industry insiders reminded, need to be wary of "high-end" to follow the wind.

The decline in sales is mainly due to real estate regulation and foreign economic downturn, domestic sales and exports have both declined, while the increasingly obvious trend of high-end industry has pulled up the average sales price, making sales rise."

However, industry insiders pointed out that instead of going with the old brand to kill the high-end market, you may want to look at the low-end in the mid-range market competition is not sufficient, there is still a great market potential, some companies can not blindly enter the high-end market. Although the current low-end by a certain impact, but in the future, with a large number of housing, low-cost housing into the market, aerated concrete equipment will also bring opportunities to the low-end machinery market.

Blue base machinery that the future competition is more reflected in the after-sales service, because the current technology has been very perfect, and then increase the cost of technology is very high, but through a good after-sales service can well establish a good brand image, in addition, with the development of e-commerce, for some enterprises that do not have the ability to enter the traditional sales channels, the expansion of e-commerce may be a new opportunity.

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