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The current status of aerated concrete equipment is in a state of "light speed" development

Date:2012-04-04   Visits:1272

At present, the more widely used aerated concrete equipment in our province mainly has two categories of autoclaved sand aerated concrete blocks and autoclaved fly ash aerated concrete blocks. Aerated block is a porous structure material, its porosity can be as high as 70%~80%, its high porosity can make the apparent density of the material greatly reduced, the surface density is generally 500~700kg/m3, only one-third of the clay solid brick, one-fifth of reinforced concrete, can reduce the cost of building foundation, and reduce the earthquake disaster of buildings.

Aerated concrete equipment production energy consumption is low, about 1/2 to 1/4 of the clay bricks. aerated blocks can be used in large quantities of industrial waste, to protect the environment. 2008 the city's production of fly ash aerated blocks application volume of about 800,000 m3, comprehensive use of fly ash is about 350,000 tons.

Good durability of aerated concrete blocks, the earliest aerated concrete equipment project in Shanghai, China has more than 70 years, still intact. Good fire resistance of aerated blocks, below 700 ℃ on the strength of the product will not lose. Aerated blocks due to light weight, good thermal performance, its thermal conductivity is only 1/6 of clay bricks.

To sum up, aerated concrete equipment has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, same life as the building, good fire resistance, good thermal insulation performance, etc., and easy processing (can be sawed, can be planed), high construction efficiency, and therefore in the self-insulation wall materials are more and more widely used. But due to the aerated concrete blocks in engineering applications there are low adhesion of masonry mortar, the problem of cold bridges in the gray joints has not been solved, the plastering mortar is prone to hollow drums, cracking and other quality problems, which directly affect the promotion and application of aerated concrete blocks, especially the application of aerated concrete blocks in the engineering of exterior walls.

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