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Aerated concrete equipment energy saving and environmental protection market has great potential to strive for the strongest

Date:2012-04-04   Visits:1284

National construction waste disposal projects also actively support the development of new wall materials aerated concrete, prohibit the use or less use of solid clay bricks, actively support large scale, high level of equipment of new wall materials production enterprises, make full use of local resources, develop a number of low-energy, low pollution, high performance, high strength, multi-functional, high thermal insulation properties of coal gangue burning hollow bricks and fly ash sintered hollow bricks, fly ash aerated Block, industrial bricks and other waste products system, so that these products become the leading products of new wall materials. Energy saving and emission reduction in the construction field is an important and indispensable part of China's energy saving and emission reduction efforts and climate change, construction emissions have accounted for about 40% of the general urban emissions. Among them, residential buildings have accounted for about 70% of the total carbon emissions from the construction industry. But China's current energy-saving measures to take only 4% of the building, 1.6 to 2 billion square meters of new buildings each year, 80% are high energy-consuming buildings. This also means that the market development potential of building energy-saving aerated concrete equipment is huge.

Among the four major energy-saving industries of industry, construction, transportation and life in China, building energy efficiency is regarded as the hottest field and is one of the most direct and cheapest measures to reduce environmental pollution and improve the quality of urban environment. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the country has even put forward higher and clearer requirements for building energy efficiency: first, to comprehensively promote the construction of heat metering facilities for new buildings; second, to improve the requirements for the implementation rate of the construction phase of building energy efficiency standards; third, to promote high-performance green buildings and low-energy buildings; and fourth, to promote the construction of energy-efficient housing in rural areas.

The real estate industry will face huge pressure of energy saving and emission reduction in the future, therefore, it is a smart decision to form its own core competitiveness in the low carbon era. Industry experts point out that the relevant state departments are further studying and formulating policy measures for the development of low-carbon buildings. Market mechanisms such as carbon trading will be introduced to promote the low-carbon development of the construction industry. Aerated concrete equipment has good performance and advanced technology, producing aerated blocks with good shape, high quality and uniform particle size, which fully meet the national requirements for the quality of aerated blocks.

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