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The current reform of large aerated concrete equipment manufacturers has entered the attack period

Date:2012-05-04   Visits:1289

At present, the reform of large aerated concrete equipment manufacturers has entered the offensive period, China's total imports and exports are likely to reach more than 10 trillion U.S. dollars, which is undoubtedly brewing huge business opportunities and potential.

At present, although there are some changes in the world economic recovery, there are some good signs, but the outlook is still uncertain, the international financial crisis European sovereign debt crisis is still developing, global liquidity has increased significantly, economic downturn and inflationary pressures coexist, the international commodity market turbulence, people's worries about the prospects of the world economy linger. At the same time, the factors supporting the gradual resumption of growth in the global economy still exist, large aerated concrete equipment manufacturers scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading is underway, savings and consumption, exports and imports, the real economy and virtual economy and other structural adjustments are increasingly important. People expect to expand the positive factors through adjustment and innovation to deal with the complex situation more effectively and promote strong and sustainable balanced growth of the world economy. China's economy and the world economy have become highly integrated, with increasing mutual influence. At present, China's economy continues to maintain a relatively fast growth, the overall trend is stable, and the long-term positive fundamentals have not changed.

First, based on the expansion of domestic demand. Expanding domestic demand is the strategic base of China's economic and social development. Especially this year, the international market is still sluggish, expanding large aerated concrete equipment manufacturers domestic demand for China has a more important practical significance. China's expansion of domestic demand, urbanization is the biggest potential. Last year, the proportion of China's urban population has exceeded 50%, still far below the level of developed countries, but also below the world average. We will coordinate urban and rural development, strictly protect arable land, ensure food security, actively and steadily promote urbanization while continuously improving production and living conditions in rural areas, and promote the coordinated development of industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization to realize the three, which can release huge consumption potential, drive the expansion of investment and development of related industries, and drive sustained economic growth.

Expanding domestic demand also needs to put the service industry in a more prominent position. Compared with developed countries and developing countries of the same income level, the proportion of China's service industry is obviously low. To vigorously develop advanced manufacturing, high-tech industries, while accelerating the development of production and living services, which can not only accommodate a large number of jobs, but also to enhance the level of industrial development, is an effective way to grow the real economy.

Expanding large aerated concrete equipment manufacturers domestic demand and improve people's livelihood better combined. We are carrying out the construction of housing, a new round of medical reform, concentrated contiguous poverty alleviation, which is not only a major people's livelihood project, but also a major development project, and at the same time is a major initiative to regulate income distribution, which is conducive to protecting the basic livelihood of the people. We have to implement these major projects around the basic needs of the people, and focus on the development of the economy and improve the income of the residents in the process of synchronization, improve the consumption capacity of residents, enhance their confidence in consumption, and promote the benign interaction between consumption and investment, so that large aerated concrete equipment manufacturers to improve people's livelihood to become the basis for development, so that the people of the country share the fruits of development.

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