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With the "12th Five-Year Plan" to enhance the aerated concrete equipment industry

Date:2012-04-04   Visits:1268

The Central Economic Conference put forward six main tasks of economic work, urbanization was placed in a prominent position: "to steadily promote urbanization as the basis, optimize the industrial structure, and strive to make significant progress in economic restructuring", "actively and steadily promote urbanization", "improve the level of urban planning, strengthen the construction of municipal infrastructure, improve urban management, and improve the level of urbanization development in all aspects".

The construction of urbanization is inseparable from infrastructure such as steel and cement, concrete and blocks, which makes the market demand for aerated concrete equipment more and more. From the latest statistics, construction brings equipment procurement, according to the general rule, the purchase amount accounts for 4%-8% of the construction investment of new projects, so the accelerated process of urbanization construction, the development of the housing industry to regain momentum to drive the demand for aerated block equipment, will provide long-term stable momentum for the development of the aerated block equipment industry.

Premier Wen Jiabao at the eleventh session of the National People's Congress "Government Work Report": "This year is to continue to deal with the international financial crisis, to maintain stable and rapid economic development, accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development of the key year, is the full realization of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" goals, for the "The "12th Five-Year Plan" to lay a good foundation for the development of an important year. The rapid development of the domestic economy, new economic entities abroad, large-scale infrastructure construction and rapid economic growth, so that the development of the machinery industry is a good situation, and entered a new stage of upswing.

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