Equipment for prestressed concrete pipe pile production line

Prestressed concrete piles are widely used as foundations for civil engineering works such as building structures and bridge structures due to their advantages of high bearing capacity and easy construction.

According to the strength of concrete piles, there are PHC piles and PC piles, and according to different wall thickness, there are PC piles and PTC piles. Prestressed concrete pile production line is used to produce high strength concrete piles, i.e. PHC piles.The common specifications of PHC piles are 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm, and the length can be 7-15 meters, or we can design the molds according to your requirements.

Main features:

1. Continuously absorbing the advantages of similar advanced products at home and abroad, we constantly improve and enhance the design rationality, production convenience and production economy of our production, and keep our production line in the leading position in this field.

2. The main component of pre-stressed pipe pile production line: mold, which is characterized by easy transportation, quick assembly, accurate positioning, good overall rigidity and smooth running.

3. Another major component of the Prestressed Pipe Pile Production Line equipment: the Prestressed Concrete/Electric Pole Centrifuge is designed and manufactured for centrifugal reinforced concrete pipes for single-mode spinning of large diameter pipes and multi-mode spinning of small and medium-sized mold spinning. The machine is fully customized and can be supplied with specifications based on the end user's application. It has several important features as follows:

    a). Unique "slot" design with snap-in solder and bolt limits to change the screw limits between the bearing housing and the base plate. The top and bottom sides of the spinner panel, the lower surface and both sides of the bearing housing are finish machined.

    b). The connecting shaft is a whole shaft to avoid the stress concentration caused by the change of shaft diameter, resulting in the phenomenon of "broken shaft".

    c). The limit side of the support wheel is removable. It is easy to be replaced by the user.

    d). The centrifuge frequency conversion cabinet records the process parameters of each pipeline and outputs reports, and provides office computer data communication interface.

4. The tensioning equipment used in the Prestressed Pipe Pile Production Line Equipment only requires the user to input the number and diameter of reinforcement bars in advance, the machine will automatically generate the tensile strength and stop when the user's rated tensile strength is reached, and it can store the parameter records of the products in each shift for archiving and sampling. The tensile length can refer to the scale range. Hydraulic control of forward and backward, up and down movement, safe, reliable and quick response. Left and right movement is controlled by motor. The main electrical device of the machine is controlled by the console and equipped with remote control cable buttons for easy operation.

5. Other equipments required for the pre-stressing pile production line, such as traveling crane, transportation trolley, feeder, mixing station, steam curing tank, boiler room, finished product automatic piling system, coiling machine, etc. are all made by famous and reliable suppliers or our own factory, which provide reliable and stable after-sales service, and make the users feel comfortable and relieved.

6. The production process flow chart of prestressed piles production line is as follows:

Production line equipment

Production line equipment

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